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The air industry has struggled for years with inadequate and mediocre security services supplied to them by handling companies; especially in Africa.  PICA’s is proud to introduce an expanded line of global aircraft and personnel security services in support of the air charter industry.   PICA's clients, consisting of some of the largest global air charter companies, boast about PICA’s professional and reliable security services that guarantee the safety and security of their crew members, VIPs, aircraft, and cargo.
PICA security offer to Air Cargo companies

Despite the high crime rate and risk, multinational and U.S. companies are investing and expanding in Mexico due to President Obama’s and President Enrique Peña Nieto’s efforts to expand trade between the two countries. For over a decade, PICA has been supporting the growing number of companies operating in  Mexico.  PICA’s suite of Mexico security services is essential to our clients’ operations allowing them to take advantage of the extensive availability of inexpensive and skilled laborers. In addition to our suite of security services offered in Mexico, PICA has developed a unique service addressing cargo theft, appropriately named: Guardian Angel. PICA’s Guardian Angel service assures our clients' goods arrive safely to the U.S. market.
PICA Guardian Angel Program

After a long investigation in Brazil, PAICA do Brasil, a PICA subsidiary, succesfully conducted raids which lead to prosecution of several key counterfeit criminals. This is a milestone for Brazilian justice and Intellectual Property protection.
“Unprecedented seizure of counterfeited imaging supplies”

Defining the Global Brand Protection Programme
Protecting your brand in today's global marketplace is no longer a luxury; rather, it's a necessity for a corporation to ensure not only a level playing field in the stream of commerce but also to afford the ability to maximise market penetration and realise continued growth. Rodolfo Diaz explains. In World Intellectual Property Review.

Defining a Global Brand Protection Program by an Effective Corporate Strategy and Corresponding Infrastructure
Protecting one's brand in today's global market place is no longer a luxury to be considered; but rather a necessity for a corporation to ensure not only a level playing field in the stream of commerce but also to afford the corporation the ability to maximize market penetration realizing continued growth.

Fighting Crimes Against Society
Counterfeiting and piracy operations are more than a crime against the owners of intellectual property – the whole of society suffers as a result, says Olavo Sant'Anna. In World Intellectual Property Review.

In Search of Greater Profits
At a time when businesses are exploring almost every option to help them stay profitable, many are ignoring the big gains that can be made by tackling grey market trading, says Richard Bergner. In World Intellectual Property Review.

Creators' Rights in the Modern Day Black Markets
Industry experts explore the realities and ramifications behind the world's black markets and intellectual property rights. Vincent Volpi, Juan David Castro GarcÍa & TC Brown report in CMH Magazine.

It's Better to Talk
Alberto de la Berrera explains how companies grappling with fraud and counterfeiting of their goods on a global scale can resolve these issues without going to court. In World Intellectual Property Review.

Combating Signal Piracy
Signal pirates have turned to the easy access of the internet and portable hard drives to help households gain access to pay-per-view channels for free. Despite these developments, cable and satellite companies are far from throwing in the towel. Graham Pollock reports in IP Risk Management Review.

Counterfeit Trade's Links to Organised Crime
The scale of counterfeit goods being traded globally is not only reaching dangerous levels in terms of its economic impact; clear links to the criminal underworld and terrorism are also increasingly behind the trade. David Suzuki, with TC Brown, reports in World Intellectual Property Review.

Creating a Culture of Security
The value of even the most robust brands can be decimated overnight by the consequences of security breaches—and at almost any point in the supply chain. But few companies take this threat seriously enough, says Hugh Kenneth Branch in World Intellectual Property Review.

Anti-Counterfeiting in Latin America
Luis M. Alcalde surveys the landscape of enforcement policy and actions from Tijuana to Bogotá in World Intellectual Property Review.

Roundtable: Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting
Is the pharmaceutical industry winning the war against counterfeiting? Read what the experts have to say in World Intellectual Property Review.

The Killer Counterfeiters
Counterfeit consumables are a danger to both health and wealth, argues Vaughn Volpi in World Intellectual Property Review.

Moscow IP Raids
Rodolfo Diaz, chief operating officer, and Graham Pollock, senior director, eMeA, at PICA Corporation, explain in World Intellectual Property Review how Russia is beginning to clamp down on its brand pirates.

From a Boy in Cuba to a Corporate President
New PICA President Luis Alcalde's inspirational history featured in article by Columbus' Daily Reporter.

E-Commerce and Brand Protection: A Two-Way Street
New PICA President Luis Alcalde authors column in E-Commerce Times about eBay and other e-commerce firms that allow third parties to conduct business transactions on their sites and responsibility for policing brand infringement.

Global Supply Chains Wide-Open to Fraud
PICA CEO Vincent Volpi addresses tactics for securing global supply chains in Business Finance Magazine.

Medical 'Gray Market'
PICA's Miami Regional Director Richard Berger explains medical supply dangers in Florida Weekly.

Federal agents cracking down on fashionable fakes in Alabama

PICA President Vaughn Volpi explains impact of counterfeit merchandise in the Birmingham News.

Man Charged With Providing Innumerable Amounts Of Free Cable
TV report about case by PICA operative Richard Bergner in Miami

“Different Security Elements Come into Play in Protecting Businesses”
A guest column by PICA CEO Vincent Volpi appearing in Business First of Columbus

Security's Top 25 People in the Security Industry
PICA CEO Vincent Volpi named to Security Magazine's top 25 list.

Bogus Goods Abound in Ohio
A three-part series on counterfeits with PICA’s Midwest Regional Director Kelly Morse in the Columbus Dispatch

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