PICA Breaks Drug and Theft Ring Resulting in over 30 Arrests

In an investigation that started as a distribution consultation for one of the fastest-growing discount retailers in the US, PICA uncovered a massive ring operating in the company’s distribution complex, which was stealing tens of millions in product annually, and distributing drugs throughout the company through a tri-state area network.  The company was so pleased with the impact of this investigation, and the collateral benefits of having undercover operatives reporting on fraud and waste, that this practice is now a permanent part of their loss prevention and management program.

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Services | Corporate & Industrial Undercover

There is no better window on your business than that which looks from the inside out. It is the nature of organizations and management to not communicate issues which may adversely reflect on management at all levels. Therefore, senior management rarely has a full picture of issues in operations which may affect health and safety, efficiency, professional management and profitability. This is irrespective of those types of activities, such as drug dealing and theft, which by their very nature are carried out surreptitiously.

The typical undercover operation starts with the hiring of a PICA agent in an open position in a critical area of the company with maximum flexibility of movement. The actual identity of the undercover operative is kept on a need-to-know basis. The undercover operative works and is paid like any other employee and files reports on all observations, including systems issues, risks, health and safety violations, management practices (such as reporting on harassment) and obviously, drug dealing or abuse and theft.

How issues identified are dealt with is totally up to the client. Many clients quietly address the issues without fanfare or disclosure of the undercover operation and others choose to deal with them publicly, to send a message to the staff.

Most undercover operations run from 90 days to six months, but many of our clients have budgeted these services permanently into their loss prevention budgets. Especially when you have a fast-paced or growing operation, or high turnover in your facility, or just want an open window on your business that wouldn’t be otherwise available to you, undercover operations can be an important management tool for maintaining the integrity and profitability of your enterprise.