PICA Mitigates Aerospace Company’s Liability in PRP Case

Pursuant to a two-year investigation covering almost half a century of pollution at a former military Superfund site, PICA was able to mitigate hundreds of millions in liability for clean-up of the site by identifying numerous other primary responsible parties, by developing evidence of their operations dating back to World War II, and by identifying their successor entities.  In addition to helping maintain the viability of one of the leading defense contractors in the world, PICA’s work actually facilitated the clean-up of the site, through its evidence which was used in negotiation with other PRPs and the EPA.

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Services | Environmental Litigation

PICA is one of the few corporate investigation companies in the world with the experience to handle large-scale Environmental Litigation investigations. Due to the immense costs of environmental abatement, our investigations can save our clients hundreds of millions of dollars in federally mandated costs and fines, and damage to corporate reputations.

PICA delivers through our specialized knowledge, extensive resources and unique case-management skills. PICA reconstructs the ownership history of a contaminated site to determine whether any of the previous businesses contributed to the contamination, and this requires extensive research to identify the type of products manufactured on the site and the methods of production. PICA also looks for contributory negligence or PRPs, which may have affected the site from elsewhere, including illegal dumping, migrating pollution from other contaminated sites or naturally occurring sources of contaminations.

A proper environmental investigation often spans a period of 50 years or more, and is not simply a reconstruction of the history of a site and its uses, but a challenge of proof of contamination.  Witnesses have often passed away, records were sometimes poorly kept or destroyed, companies may have folded or evolved to other entities and there is unlikely to be cooperation from suspects or even local officials who may have knowledge of the source of pollution at a brown or Superfund site.

PICA has demonstrated that it can overcome these immense time gaps by building cases to defend and mitigate environmental liability, and PICA’s fees and expenses are fractional compared to the return on investment that is consistently delivered to environmental clients.