PICA Solves Multi-million Dollar Insurance Fraud and Homicide

In a case involving an international manhunt, PICA uncovered a life insurance fraud which involved the killing of another man, and the substitution of his body for that of the insured, in order to claim millions in insurance proceeds.  PICA was not only able to prove the insurance fraud but developed a case which resulted in the prosecution, arrest and conviction of the three individuals who conspired in the killing, all of whom are now serving life sentences.

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Services | Insurance Defense

Insurance investigations are deceptively complex and require a wide variety of investigative and forensic skills to include interview techniques, document analysis, background and lifestyle research, surveillance and undercover inquiries, to name a few.  PICA delivers the complete Insurance Defense Solution required for mitigating or winning your case.

PICA has investigated virtually every type of insurance claim since its inception as an insurance defense firm over three decades ago, and has been involved in all aspects of claims handling from the adjusting process through litigation.   PICA has a broad range of expertise in all specialized forms of liability investigations, such as arson claims, auto accidents, worker’s compensation claims and complex thefts and frauds.  PICA has even exposed organized criminal syndicates that target insurance companies with corrupt service providers.  PICA has made criminal cases based on document development and analysis, alone.

PICA’s success is based on a “do your homework” approach that goes beyond standard claims handling and maximizes opportunities for a successful investigation and mitigation.  Further, PICA always looks for contributory negligence and liable third parties through comprehensive and creative strategies.

Even at the most basic level of investigation, PICA is a better value through the smarter handling of your case, which in the end saves you or your client more money by delivering a comprehensive and effective result.  While many companies claim to do insurance investigations at bargain rates, the real value is in reduced claims payouts, which PICA consistently delivers.