PICA Unmasks Internet Pornography Ring Targeting Young Children

Piercing the corporate veil of anonymity of an Internet-based porn provider, that was using images of cartoon characters to distribute porn to minors, PICA was able to identify the wrongdoers in Asia, Europe and the US, and initiate prosecutions in these venues.  These images were not only being used to draw young children to pornography, but were also lures for pedophiles seeking young victims through the Internet.

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Services | Internet Fraud and Monitoring

While the Internet presents a world of opportunities for businesses, unfortunately, it also creates limitless opportunities for criminals. PICA's innovative Internet Fraud practice targets this diverse and growing group of "e-criminals."

The primary attraction of most Internet fraud is the anonymity of the web, but by employing a unique blend of technology and traditional investigative techniques, PICA has been able to identify the owners and operators of 98% of the web sites we investigate. By exposing the individuals behind the site, PICA's clients can then seek criminal and civil remedies.

PICA offers Web Monitoring programs for companies interested in the unauthorized offerings of their products or services, use of their corporate or product names or URL or trademarks on the Internet. A continuous monitoring of the Internet, the ultimate emerging market in cyberspace, is critical as e-commerce and communications become a standard pillar of most companies’ marketing and sales strategies.

With the proliferation of on-line auction sites, PICA’s Web Monitoring program becomes even more critical. Stolen, counterfeit and diverted (gray market) goods are often offered in these venues and these sites and their customers are becoming the preferred “stores” of the future for contraband goods.

PICA also investigates online copyright infringement, securities fraud, cyber terrorism, Web site security, defamation, unfair business practices and pornography. Additionally, PICA also helps companies combat cyber-squatters, who purchase the rights to URL’s for the sole purpose of reselling them later, at inflated premiums to famous brands.

PICA not only covers the four corners of the earth, it can cover the limitless world of cyberspace and fight e-criminals on their home territory, whether that is the Internet, the location of their ISP or the home or business in whatever country from which they work.