PICA Saves US Government Millions through Security Consult

PICA was consulted by a major US Government agency to look at loss prevention issues in their purchasing, warehousing, distribution and retail divisions, which resulted in the stemming of millions of dollars of red ink flowing from systems, personnel and management issues.  The consult was performed in 90 days for less than one percent of the savings.

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Services | Security Consulting

PICA's Security Consulting knowledge base comes from the best resource possible: real-world experience. Our broad range of local, regional and international clients provide PICA with exposure to industry "best practices" that are in use today and in development for tomorrow.

PICA’s complete line of consulting services include on site security surveys, internal and external theft-prevention programs, threat analysis/executive protection, protection of proprietary property, electronic eavesdropping countermeasures, policy and procedure recommendations, risk assessment and management, business recovery, computer and systems security, OSHA compliance, and emergency response plans.  PICA has often set the standard for government as well as the private sector in forecasting and planning for risk and recovery management in diverse venues around the world, to include major metropolitan areas like New York City, London, Bogotá and Hong Kong, to remote installations in the Amazon, on the high seas and in rural emerging markets worldwide.

Regardless of whether you are motivated to conduct a security consult in the wake of a specific loss or as part of a good management strategy to prevent and manage risk and maintain a competitive edge, PICA can bring the perspective and depth of experience to almost any industry or enterprise to make it more secure, efficient and productive.  Additionally, PICA guarantees that it will identify opportunities for recoveries, savings or elimination of fraud and waste far in excess of any fees or expenses charged, which makes the service risk free!