How you conduct business is every bit as important as the result you achieve, especially when you work in our industry. It is about walking the talk – living up to standards, doing what’s right — no matter what. At PICA, integrity is a cornerstone principle. It underlies our business philosophy. It is embedded in the way we conduct business, structure client relationships and expect our employees to act.


There is no rationalization or equivocation at PICA when it comes to compliance with all international laws governing trade practices, corruption, and business ethics. Anything short of full compliance is not acceptable. When you work with PICA, you can expect:

  • Strict adherence to all corruption, competition and antitrust laws worldwide including UN Resolution 58/4, the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, EU Joint Action 22, and the OAS Inter-American Convention against Corruption.
  • 100% compliance with the FCPA, EEO, U.S. Anti-Boycott, FCRA, DPPA and all other U.S. federal laws.
  • Internal General Counsel, Outside Counsel and CFO, Audit and Compliance input and supervision of all best practices and project and case issues Annual Ethics Training and updates for all staff by General, Corporate, and Regional Counsel Ethical Business Practices

Our internal ethical standards are every bit as important to us as the laws by which we are governed. These ethics are the cornerstone of our project management philosophy. Here are but a few of the standards our clients can expect from PICA;

  • Complete operational transparency.
  • Compliance with all of our clients’ internal ethics policies.
  • No contact with the media without prior authorization from our customers.
  • Assurance there is no conflict of interest before beginning work.
  • 24/7/365 case manager availability.
  • Unlaundered facts in reporting.
  • A three-year archival of all report copies and records.
  • Precise invoicing, including justification for any entry upon request.
  • Complete client confidentiality.


An ethics policy is only as strong as the degree to which it permeates a culture. At PICA, we are proud to say our values define our culture. Each member of the PICA team is required to sign a contract that explains these policies and mandates their compliance. This information is also part of every PICA employment manual and training program. For our team, our ethics are important. They ensure our collective safety and allow us to achieve results of which we can all be proud.


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