Experts estimate that product counterfeiting has a global economic impact of over $500 billion per year, and local and federal law enforcement reports increasingly demonstrate organized crime control of product counterfeiting at the highest levels. In fact, many terrorist groups use the proceeds from the sale of counterfeits to fund their global operations, and governments lose billions in tax revenue, jobs and investment capital from foreign nationals.

PICA agents are stationed around the world from source countries in emerging economies to consuming nations in primary markets.  PICA conducts market surveys, investigates infringements and leverages governmental and social resources almost anywhere in the world.  Further, PICA has operated across numerous and diverse industries including luxury goods, machine parts, pharmaceuticals, medical products, software, and imaging supplies.

PICA also maintains a vast and global network of informants and law enforcement resources, and a linked database of infringers and case data to identify repeat offenders, organized criminal enterprises and trends in the marketplace.  PICA focuses on criminal investigations and seizures, but also employs civil and administrative remedies, through in-house and outside counsel.

PICA is also a world leader in Internet investigations and surveillance, recovery of abandoned, lost or stolen marks and URLs in cyberspace.  PICA has been able to consistently deliver in piercing the veil of anonymity the Internet provides, and most importantly has tied these efforts to real results.

PICA can offer all of these services in a turnkey Brand Protection solution with fixed monthly and annual budgets. PICA works with the client’s in-house staff, licensees, vendors and business partners to analyze your markets, issues and opportunities and custom design an effective performance-driven program within your budget. There can be as little or as much client involvement in the process as the client desires.  Whatever the client decides, PICA delivers all the resources necessary to initiate and execute a high-quality Brand Protection program.

Finally, PICA is an expert in proving complex intellectual property crimes to include reverse-engineering of patented technologies, theft of trade secrets, unfair competition and violation of employment agreements by persons with technical knowledge.



PICA, in conjunction with federal authorities, investigated and supported raids on multiple locations throughout Buenos Aires, and Argentina, to dismantle an international, organized criminal syndicate engaged in printing and assembling counterfeit packaging and products.  This seizure impacted the sale of counterfeit imaging supplies in the entire Latin American Region.  Through this action Argentine authorities helped recover lost tax revenue, interdicted the funding of organized crime and resultant money laundering, protected Argentine jobs and foreign investment.


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