A company’s greatest asset is its people and then its intellectual property. Products, processes and partners follow, more or less in this order.  PICA is expert at navigating and protecting its clients and their assets in treacherous environments whether they are operating by land, sea or air.  PICA has unique programs called “Guardian Angel” to track people and property on the ground anywhere in the world.  It has designed novel maritime anti-piracy programs that were the first of their kind operating in the Horn of Africa.  It provides secure executive transport anywhere, a proprietary and individually designed service called “Lifeline Travel Security” which can keep its clients in touch with its people and products in transit no matter where they are traveling.

Secure transport is not just about armored vehicles and GPS devices.  It is a program of threat analysis, process management, application of technology and development of a real-time incident response.  Finally, it is about training and deterrence, because the best threat is the one that is identified and neutralized before it is given the chance to occur.


With over thirty years of brand protection experience, PICA can help you build a brand protection program with a ROI.


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