Any company’s most valuable assets are their key people. The first order of any successful security program is to ensure that their people are kept out of harms way. This is not an easy proposition given the increasingly global nature of business, and the threats present in the geo-political climate of the 21st century.

The key to any successful executive protection program is the planning. PICA works closely with our clients’ security professionals to design a protection methodology that provides a strong layer of protection for their executives and staff, while staying mindful of their primary purpose and quality of life.

PICA uses fully licensed and trained armed and unarmed security agents to undertake close protection assignments. The majority of these agents have a strong police, military and/or counter-terrorism backgrounds and are specially selected for their professionalism, expertise, and experience. Protection details can also include individuals with emergency medical training or specific language proficiencies. Our services include;

  • Armed or Unarmed security escorts*
  • Security drivers*
  • Armored vehicles*
  • On-site security surveys
  • Countermeasure training
  • 24-hour contact personnel in each regional office
  • Electronic eavesdropping countermeasures*
  • Corporate travel advisories
  • Threat assessment and vulnerability studies
  • Protection workshops for corporate executives

Our approach to Executive Protection is to analyze the risks associated with the planned activities in advance, and then integrate non-invasive security protocols and technology into the client’s lifestyle to address those risks. Our primary goal is to insure the safety of our clients without creating a disruptive or restrictive security presence.

*Offered in concert with our business partners around the world.


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