PICA Corporation offers a suite of Maritime Counter-Piracy services worldwide including ship-level security teams, predictive analytics intelligence, and entanglement systems. PICA’s embarked security teams are the most experienced in the industry. Our team members have a minimum of 5 years of experience commanding United States Special Operations Command operations, where millions of dollars were invested in their development and training. After their military service our team members receive extensive supplemental training specific to maritime counter-piracy operations and IMO regulations. Our personnel have experience operating in piracy hot spots around the world including all areas of the Indian Ocean. PICA’s personnel deploy in 3 – 4 man teams and work closely with the Ship’s Captain and Crew to avoid and deter confrontation on the high seas. Our team members are expert in the use of small-arms and offer very effective last-resort protection of cargo, crew and vessel. In addition, all of our personnel are trained in advanced first responder trauma care including wound management and other life-sustaining treatments. To complement PICA’s embarked security teams PICA’s partner, International Maritime Security Company (ISMC), has developed a predictive analytics intelligence model that can consistently predict the location and timing of maritime piracy attacks three days in advance. IMSC also offers a patented Entanglement System for commercial carriers that is deployed at the waterline to stop small craft, such as pirate skiffs, from approaching to within boarding distances. The product is lightweight, highly portable and easy to deploy, and provides 360° perimeter protection for the vessel at a fraction of the price of other solutions.


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