As the global marketplace shrinks and companies expand globally it is essential for every organization to keep their “finger on the pulse” of potential threats, enabling them survive and thrive amidst global threats to their people, facilities and supply chain assets. PICA offers a suite of business resiliency and risk management solutions to counter the threats organizations face in their daily operations.

Through its partnership with iJET, PICA provides our clients access to the patented Worldcue® Global Control Center (GCC). This secure, web-based software application reduces our clients overall risks and costs by automating and centralizing the tools, information and processes required for effective business resiliency. Worldcue’s® driven by a highly-experienced team of world-class intelligence analysts who provided up to the minute information on potential disruptions and emerging threats in hundreds of countries around the world.

Our Travel Security and Business Resiliency services include:


  • Worldcue® Global Control Center: Provides online access to a global database of location-specific intelligence, including active and archived alerts; city and country intelligence; advice; and interactive maps.
  • Worldcue® Travel Risk Management: Relates global threats to traveler itineraries, enabling corporate managers to monitor, locate and contact employees on travel.
  • WORLDCUETRACKER®: Provides online access to global traveler and threat information through interactive maps, employee locator reports as well as traveler and trip profiles.
  • Worldcue® Traveler: Provides employees with access to personalized Travel Intelligence® web sites, tailored to each traveler’s itinerary and profile.
  • Worldcue® Airline Monitor: Relates airline safety information to traveler itineraries, notifying licensed users of travel booked on airlines that do not meet minimum safety criteria.
  • Worldcue® Critical ContactSM: Available to Worldcue® Travel Risk Management and Expatriate Risk Management clients, Critical ContactSM enables licensed users to send simultaneous voice and text notifications (via e-mail, phone or SMS) from the Worldcue platform to any number of employees with profiles in Worldcue.
  • Worldcue® Planner: Provides access to iJET’s online global intelligence library via a link on a company’s intranet. Worldcue Planner includes active alerts, location-specific intelligence for over 180 countries and more than 200 cities, as well as safety and security advice.
  • Worldcue® Expatriate Risk Management: Relates global threats to expatriate assignment information, enabling corporate managers to monitor, locate and contact expatriates and family members.
  • Worldcue24: Emergency hotline service, providing organizations with a single, 24 x7 telephone number for all emergencies worldwide.
  • Crisis Response: PICA has experienced personnel on the ground in over 350 cities around the world that are available 24x7 to immediately respond to any sort of crisis, threat, or travel-related issue.
  • Medical Response: PICA provides emergency medical support and evacuation services 24x7 in hundreds of locations around the world.


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