As the global marketplace shrinks and companies expand globally it is essential for every organization to keep their “finger on the pulse” of potential threats, enabling them survive and thrive amidst global threats to their people, facilities and supply chain assets. PICA offers a suite of business resiliency and risk management solutions to counter the threats organizations face in their daily operations.

Through its partnership with Guardian Angel, PICA provides our clients access to the Guardian Angel App. This secure, application reduces our clients overall risks. Guardian Angel is fully supported by PICA’s award winning security services. Employees receive support when they need it 24/7, 365 days a year. Guardian Angel can be used on personal and/or work smartphones so there’s no need for staff to carry additional devices.

Keep your employees safe with Guardian Angel App. Below some benefits and functionality:


  • Duty of Care: Guardian Angel can be used to provide Duty of Care for employees who routinely work alone (Lone Workers).
  • Meeting Function: The Meeting function will automatically raise an alert if the user fails to check in.
  • Man Down: Man Down will detect when an employee has fallen or stopped moving.
  • Journey: Journey keeps colleagues and stakeholders informed of employees on the move.
  • Danger Zones: Danger Zones automatically warn employees when they’ve entered a potentially dangerous area.
  • Footprints: Footprints allow the App to only work in particular areas, such as a particular neighborhood or on campus.
  • Training: We can conduct online training and in-person educational events to explain the App and cover basic safety principles.
  • LifeLine Travel Security: Emergency 24x7 toll free emergency number., providing organizations with inmediate crisis response for all emergencies worldwide.
  • Crisis Response: PICA has experienced personnel on the ground in over 350 cities around the world that are available 24x7 to immediately respond to any sort of crisis, threat, or travel-related issue.
  • Medical Response: PICA provides emergency medical support and evacuation services 24x7 in hundreds of locations around the world.


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