There are two approaches to corporate theft, proactive and reactive.  Sadly, most companies are reactive and investigate systems vulnerabilities in the wake of a significant incident.  While PICA is uniquely qualified to investigate even the most complex white collar crimes and has an almost 100% success rate in this regard, the real value often comes in what follows, which is a consult that demonstrates how the crime occurred and what exposures were exploited.  PICA then offers policy, procedure and security enhancements to reduce or eliminate the risks and regularly review the processes that created the opportunity to steal.

We encourage our clients to partner with us as a resource to help prevent crimes against the corporation. Regular systems reviews and audits can identify vulnerabilities and oftentimes lead to the early detection of issues.

PICA has the technical expertise to investigate all manner of thefts and losses, including sophisticated financial crimes, computer crimes, theft of trade secrets, unfair competition and breaches of contract.  PICA has also had great success in recovering the ill-gotten gains from corporate theft, from tracing assets of the wrongdoers, identifying liable third parties and helping companies prove and recover on insurance claims.

While the authorities are always an option in investigating crimes against corporations, the resources available to do so are limited, the amount of time involved in resolving issues can be lengthy and disruptive to your business, and a company can lose control of an investigation that is out of their hands.  This is where a powerful and creative business partner like PICA can help bridge the gap, handling issues quietly, efficiently, quickly and to an effective result that solely caters to the client’s best interest. If criminal prosecution is indicated and beneficial, PICA can hand a completed investigation to the authorities for prosecution on a “silver platter”, maximizing results, minimizing disruption and allowing the client to get back to business quickly.


In an investigation of financial irregularities at a leading international freight forwarder, PICA developed evidence of wrongdoing implicating a corporate finance official which resulted in a confession and ultimate guilty plea.  Additionally, the evidence PICA developed was utilized to bring a negligence claim against a leading financial institution resulting in the recovery of almost all of the converted funds.


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