Prior planning for business discontinuity is a must to ensure that companies successfully navigate turbulent events, natural or man-made. For this reason PICA Corporation’s Crisis Management services focus heavily on developing strategies to minimize the negative impact of future events. This planning can save lives, as well as millions of dollars in business interruption and asset loss.

Since no level of planning can prevent all crises from taking place, PICA also supports its clients with a full range of rapid response services to protect their people and assets. PICA’s Special Response Teams can include a diverse group of professionals including experienced team leaders, physical security specialists, executive protection agents, armed or unarmed guards*, drivers, and communication experts. In most instances, these teams can be deployed within hours of a disaster to begin work on the ground to protect assets and restore operations. Crisis Management services provided by PICA include;

  • Emergency response teams
  • Crisis response planning
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Crisis communications plans
  • Vulnerability audits
  • Risk analysis
  • Crisis simulation round-tables and exercises
  • Crisis response training

No company is invulnerable to disaster. However, PICA takes great pride in insuring that our clients can recover quickly from any unpreventable events, and can prevent foreseeable disasters through careful planning and preparation.

*Offered through our global business partners.


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