Mustafa Kemal Taner
Official Turkish National Police, Intelligence & Security

Mustafa Kemal Taner has provided assistance to Burrill Green for over five years.

In 1998, following a successful 17 years in a broad law enforcement, security and intelligence career in the Turkish National Police Force at several police units, Mustafa joined the commercial security sector. He worked at Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Nestle and Microsoft in security and anti-illicit trade management, for more than 13 years in total. As a freelance investigator/project manager, he was also engaged in several brand protection and counter illicit trade projects in Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Iraq, and Kosovo, for a range of client companies.

Mustafa Taner is very experienced and has exceptional skillsets in brand protection, intelligence operations, criminal and fraud investigations, protective security (including events), crisis management, site security assessment, evacuation planning and all other aspects of corporate security.

Throughout his career, he has delivered corporate security services with an understanding that, as well as providing traditional protection, business integrated security approach, sometimes with a need for conceptual and practical development in organizations, brings real added value; enabling business, enhancing corporate reputation and providing better, socially responsible governance.

Mustafa Taner possesses an extended network within Turkey, the Middle East, and Balkan countries, and has an in-depth knowledge of this region.


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